Silvano Discepoli is engaged in the sale and servicing of machines for the maintenance of gardens and greenery, including:

  • Tree cutting machines;
  • Gardening machines;
  • Brush cutters;
  • Turbines;
  • Maintenance equipment for gardens


rasaerba a scoppio

We offer a large catalogue of equipment for gardening, small farming and woodworking.

We deal, for example, with the sale of:

  • Lawn care products: lawn mowers, tractors, mowers, trimmers;
  • Garden care and DIY equipment: motozappe, cutters, biurveyors, vacuum cleaners, electroseggers, splinters;
  • Winter equipment: snowblowers and blades;
  • Forestry tools: telescopic shears, saws and rods, buckets, zappini and axes.

Discepoli Silvano also offers a wide assortment of small equipment: scissors for pruning, manual and telescopic cuts, jigs and curtains, bullets, vans and more.


caschi da lavoro

Discepoli Silvano sells everything you could need to work effectively, quickly and safely! We also specialise in the sale of specific workwear for gardening including:

  • Reflective clothing;
  • Pots for foot chains;
  • Goggles, masks, helmets and silencers.
  • Rain clothing.

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